Magoebaskloof Getaway Hiking Trail Magoebaskloof Getaway Hiking Trail

There is a beautiful hiking trail on the farm where you walk through breath-taking natural forest, and come upon some beautiful waterfalls while doing the hike.

On the way up you can be refreshed by taking a shower under one of the waterfalls in crystal clear spring water. Those that are booked in at Magoebaskloof Getaway are welcome to do the hike at no additional cost an no day visitors are allowed.

This hiking trail goes right to the top of the farm and will take you about 2 to 4 hours if you are fit, but would take a small group about 6 hours if you want to enjoy the beautiful forests and views.

Please note that this hiking trail is extremely steep and thus in wet weather you are encouraged not to go up the hiking trail.

Debegeni Waterfall

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Debigeni Waterfalls

Hikes, Indigenous Forest, Birds, Views, Waterfalls, Rivers around the waterfalls. There is a system of National Hiking

trails that go through the Woodbush Forest Reserve. The Woodbush Forest Reserve is the second largest Indigenous Forest in South Africa.

Louis Changouin Trail

Circular Route: 11 km, Montane Grassland, pockets of Indigenous Forest, river, birds, Blue Swallow, views. Starting in the village of Haenertsburg, the trail meanders up to the cemetery with magnificent views and from there through the Montane grasslands on the protected Haenertsburg Common, to the hills overlooking Ebenezer Dam and the surrounding mountains. The common is also home to the very rare Blue Swallow from September to April as well as beautiful quaint indigenous grassland flowers.

Maps are available from the Pennefather in the main street of Haenertsburg..