Birds of Magoebaskloof

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Birders new to South Africa will be pleasantly surprised at how sophisticated the local bird scene has become of late. Our bird guides rank among the finest anywhere in the world, and the scientific literature generated by our bird specialists is world class. Another advantage of the South African birding scene is the stunning variety of landscapes and vegetation types that can be found within a few hours’ drive from practically any tourist destination. One of the large raptors that will be seen is the majestic Crowned Eagle, soaring over the forest canopy. Some of the more interesting species that can be seen in this area include the:

African Goshawk, Bat Hawk, Black Cuckoo, Black Sunbird, Blue grey Flycatcher, Blue mantled Flycatcher, Cape Parrot, Forest Buzzard, Gymnosperm, Hadedah, Long crested Eagle, Long tailed Wagtail, Martial Eagle, Narina Trogon, Olive Bush Shrike, Olive Woodpecker, PurpleHeron, Puff back Shrike, Redchested Flufftail, Redbilled Woodhoopoe, Starred Robin, Whitebellied Sunbird, Wiretailed Swallow, Wood Owl.


Further reading:

A number of superb field guides are freely available and these include the books of Newman, Sasol, and the world famous Robert’s Birds of Southern Africa, which will soon be available on a newly revised CD-ROM. The Percy Fritz Patrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town is currently undertaking this mammoth task. More comprehensive scientific references can be found in the world class The Atlas of Southern African Birds as well as The Important Bird areas of Southern Africa, both produced by the Avian Demography Unit, also at UCT.


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